A Solar Cidery

The leaves of an apple tree are natural solar cells that transform photons and carbon into fruit. This is where cider begins. A thousand or more small biological wonders have to take place in order for an apple to reach maturity, but it starts with sunlight.

It seems obvious to us that the same energy should power our cidery and woodshop, and several years ago we put up the solar array pictured above.

When it came time to make a decision about tap handles, we were in the process of removing the 40 year old Red Delicious trees from our orchard. For fun, we put a chunk of apple wood on the lathe in our woodshop, and the result is the Sixknot apple wood tap handle. There are easier, cheaper ways to come up with a tap handle (or to make cider) but when we use the term "handcrafted" on our label, we want you to know we are not kidding.

What all this means is that from the vantage point of your favorite chair in your favorite pub, you can enjoy Sixknot and think about the sunlight that struck the leaf that made the branch that made the apple that made the cider and powered the lathe that made the tap handle that poured the cider.

Or, just sit and enjoy...

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