sixknow cider labels

Sixknot Ciders

Three of our ciders are available in 500 ml bottles or on tap.

Goldilocks is made by arresting the fermentation process with cold shock prior to complete transformation of the natural sugars to alcohol. This process delivers a refreshing, elegant cider that is easy for the first time cider drinker to embrace, and still provides complexity for the experienced palate. As the name implies, Goldilocks is not too sweet or too dry, it is a true balanced cider. The cider is naturally effervescent. 6.5 % ABV

High Desert Dry:
High Desert is a slow, cold, traditional fermentation that yields a clean, dry cider. Sip Northwest describes High Desert as “thick with fragrant perfumes of butterscotch, anise, vanilla and almost a squash note…". 6.5 % ABV


To make an organic cider for ginger lovers, we cold press fresh organic ginger root and blend with Goldilocks. The result is Gingerella, a balanced, auromatic cider for everyone, not just ginger lovers. 6.5 % ABV

Seasonal and Special Release:
We also have seasonal and special release ciders currently in kegs only: Purple Sage is based on a traditional cider made in Northern Italy from a blend of cider apples and red grapes; Great Pumpkin is our fall seasonal cider; and A Winter's Tale is our cold season cider. Watch the tap list at your favorite pub and our Facebook page to locate these ciders.