Taphouse Employment

Soon to open Sixknot Taphouse in Winthrop is accepting applications for a full time Taphouse Manager and part/full-time taps/wait staff for a small plate venue. We are a local, family owned, orchard based organic cidery where employees are involved in most every aspect of our farm-to-table sustainable effort.

Sixknot Taphouse is designed as an all tap (thirty taps!) cider, wine, mead, kombucha and beer establishment. When possible, our offerings will be certified organic.

We will not have a full kitchen - food will be prepared offsite and served on boards or platters with minimal kitchen staff. Local produce, grains and meats will always be on the menu. Patrons will order and receive their drinks and food at the counter (bar), so wait staff will be mainly taking and filling orders behind the counter, not waiting on tables.

The SixknotTaphouse will be a music venue throughout the year, with local as well as regional performing artists. Renovation is currently underway, with a grand opening planned for June. Daily hours will be noon through 9pm, weekdays and noon through 10pm, weekends.

We need the following people:

  1. Taphouse Manager: Must have experience with food and beverage service, and preferably management experience. All the usual personal requirements: organized, affable and reliable. Must have some basic understanding of, and appreciation for, local sourcing and organic methods. Full time, hat in the ring, salaried position with benefits. Profit sharing plan after first six months. Paid vacation after 12 months.
  2. Wait staff: All servers must be 21. Restaurant experience preferred, but not essential. Willingness to learn about what goes on in the ciderhouse and the ability to describe and discuss what's on tap is essential. Flexible schedules available. Starting hourly wage is $12.50 in addition to tips. Discount on meals, must be able to lift 50 pounds to waist height.
  3. Dishwashers, bussing crew. Must be 18. No specific experience necessary, but some prior work experience and references preferred. Starting hourly wage is $11.00 with a share of counter tips. Must be able to lift 50 pounds to waist height. Discount on meals.
  4. Bike delivery. We will need one part time bike delivery person to serve our wholesale accounts in the Winthrop area. The delivery bike will be an Urban Arrow electric cargo or an equivalent brand and model. Must be a competent, fit cyclist and able to lift and carry 50 pounds. A combined wait staff/bike delivery position would be preferred. Starting hourly wage of $14.50 for delivery work, discount on meals.

All employees will be expected to spend some time at the ciderhouse and on the farm in order to better explain to our customers how our cider goes from tree to tap. Anyone who has an interest may participate in cider, mead or kombucha production at the ciderhouse, or in the orchard depending on the season. Hourly rates will vary depending on the task.

Please send a brief resume with relevant experience and interests. We try to make use of people's talents that may not be directly related to the service position. Our assistant manager is also an excellent photographer and his work will be on the taphouse walls.

Send your resume, with a brief cover e-mail stating the position you are seeking and when you could be available to askknot@sixknotcider.com with the subject "seeking position".

We look forward to hearing from you.